I think we can all agree that brains are pretty amazing. The human brain particularly; and a baby’s brain  even more so.

Here are some of our favourite facts about brain growth between birth and when your child might go to school – and why this time is so vital!

1.  Your baby was born with 2500 synapses per neuron (nerve cell) in their brain. A synapse is a connection – it is the way our brains join everything up, how we make and recall memories and how we learn. By age 3, your baby will have formed 15000 synapses per neuronof which they have 100 billion. This demonstrates how remarkably quickly your child’s brain grows in the first 3 years! Here’s the (very large) numbers:

100 billion neurons x 25000 synapses!

2. The human brain is comprised of 60% fat – making it the fattiest organ in the body!

3. Your baby’s brain will have nearly finished growing before they even start school. Depending on the age at which your child goes off for their first day – their brain can already be as much as 90% the size of an adult brain. This time is critical.

4. It takes 400 repetitions to create a new synapse. 400! So if your baby watches you place the block inside the correct hole – they’d have to watch you do it 400 times before that synapse formed. BUT, it takes only 12 repetitions for a new synapse to form – when learning is done through play! The more your baby gains gross and fine motor control, you will notice more and more repetitive actions. Instinct drives them to strengthen those connections – give them the freedom to do so!

5. The more you know about how your baby’s brain is growing and about child development – the better you can help your child fulfill their potential. Don’t worry – you don’t need a neuroscience degree or to go and re-train as a teacher! Just stick with Imi and you’ll be fine 🙂