Hello future-generation-creator!

How does Imi work?

Imi suggests a choice of learning milestones together with ideas in how these may be presented to your child. These suggestions stem and build on from what your child has already achieved.

Photos and comments may be added as your child gains these milestones.  It all then builds into a lovely keepsake which can be downloaded.

How much is Imi?

The brand-new mobile app is available to download now for less than a pound. Use it to guide you on your learning journey with your child. Download from your app store.

Once you have downloaded Imi you can add all your children under the age of eight! There is a small subscription fee, if you intend to keep your information and download it later.

Can I share Imi with family and friends?

Yes. You can share your child's achievements with other family members in two ways.

Either share your passwords (this will allow others also to take part) or download your learning journal; all the dates, achievements, your extra information and photos…

Is it easy to use?

There are instructions within the app but it is quick and easy.

You can use Imi anywhere you have an internet connection – even in a queue at the supermarket!

What if I get stuck?

The friendly team at Imi HQ (all parents, just like you!) will be happy to help you.

Just send your contact details to hello@myimi.uk and we will quickly respond.

What do I need to use Imi?

Just your Apple or Android phone or tablet and an internet connection!

That really is all you need! Except of course, a young child to record achievements for 🙂

How secure is Imi?

The data sent is encrypted, backed up and securely stored. Security will always be at the forefront of the development of our app.

You are responsible for keeping passwords secure. As we continually improve the functionality of Imi, improved security protocols are implemented as they become available.

What if my question isn't listed here?

Not to worry! Get in touch via email or our contact form.

You can drop an email to hello@myimi.uk or fill out the contact form HERE. We look forward to hearing from you!

Why should I use Imi?

To make best use of this once-in-a-lifetime period, success sets your child up for life!

You can learn more about how your child’s brain is growing rapidly right now HERE. Trust us – you do not want to miss out on this time!