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Research into early year’s education indicates that the amount of progress made before formal schooling influences the exam results of sixteen+ year olds. A child who does well in their learning and development in these early years are likely to have higher grades/ results. Consequently, improving employment prospects, life choices and influencing their overall quality of life. Imi is designed to be quick and easy to use for recording the learning journey from birth to eight years old. Covering all areas of learning, with encouragement to aid learning through the child’s current interests to help your child reach their full potential. By organising opportunities for learning, ideas for playful scenarios/pre-planned activities are suggested so you can quickly record these milestones and achievements.

Record information and this will gradually build a complete record of accomplishments.  All photos, comments and dates are presented in a ‘baby book’ format (as a PDF download).  Imi enables these to be shared with loved ones, extended family or family overseas via online or downloads for enjoyment.  Most importantly they are all preserved for your child to enjoy.

Assisting Progress

You are recognised as the first teacher. But, you may not understand the suitable small steps required to help your child progress, for example, there is a danger you may push your child to write their name before they are ready. The result may be a back to front, a jumble of lower and upper case letters, possibly also written from right to left, instead of left to right. However, a mark making activity, experimenting with different movements on paper, card or on a blackboard may have been more appropriate for your child instead.

Quickly log on, whilst queuing in shops, or on the bus on the way home to see what might be obtainable next.  Imi offers a choice of your child’s ‘next steps’ depending on earlier achievements, across all areas of learning.

Pick what interests your child and enable this small learning goal to develop. Imi also provides you with an example/idea in how this ‘next step’ (learning) may happen within your home environment. You can then support your child appropriately. Imi provides a staged approach so when your child is ready, achievements are often quickly accomplished. Your efforts in offering these learning opportunities will help build your child’s confidence to try new things, encouraging your child to be an assertive and self-assured learner.

Did you know? An adult brain is developed by 85% by the time the child is five years old.

Input from you (the parent), for example, speech sounds, will stimulate the neural activity in the language areas of the brain. Your child’s experiences determine what information enters the brain and how their brain processes information. Imi guides you through appropriate developmental and learning steps on an ongoing basis to provide suitable stimuli.

Imi is a quick reference tool, which also encourages quality interaction with your child on a regular basis. Research shows it is the quality of interactions that are most beneficial, rather than the amount of time spent with your child.

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