Hi! Welcome to the Imi blog. It made sense to me to start this by summarising why you should be using Imi to boost your baby’s brain development.

First of all, Imi is more than a development tracker or milestone chart. You know the ones I mean, the ones that send you into a panic about how your baby at 3 months old isn’t doing that thing all their peers are… Imi is for you, the parent, to provide you with support in nurturing optimum brain growth and development. It will not tell you what your baby should or should not be doing!

Without further ado – you should download Imi because…

For your little one, Imi provides you with ways to

  1. Provide expert support in your pocket
  2. Nurture potential sensitively and stimulate crucial brain connections
  3. Be sensitively proactive in offering ways through everyday routines and activities
  4. Build on progress building future success
  5. Easily plan new learning opportunities
  6. and note your child’s experiences and achievements

Imi will help you

  1. Bond with and enjoy your child
  2. Guide your child’s growth and progress
  3. Be reassured
  4. Enjoy your child’s childhood
  5. Appreciate quality time is important

And Imi will help:-

  1. You relax knowing your child’s progress; its good to know you are doing ok!
  2. Share milestones and photos with your family wherever they live
  3. Provide a sentimental record of dates, comments and photos
  4. You share experiences you had with your child when older
  5. You know, you have not missed out on a single step!